Scouting in Maine dates back to the creation of the Katahdin Area Council in 1920 and has continued prominently to the present day. The Katahdin Area Council cites 1920 as its starting date, though the Bangor Council (#216) actually began operation in 1919.[1] The Council changed its name to the Penobscot Council (#216), then in 1924 and to the Katahdin Area Council in 1929. The present day Katahdin Area Council (#216) contains 17,981 square miles (46,570 km2), making it the largest council in land area east of the Mississippi. With nearly 3000 adults and 6000 youth, Katahdin Area Council has one of the highest adult-youth ratios in the country. The council center is located in Orono, Maine.

The present-day Pine Tree Council (#218) can trace its beginnings to 1919, when organizers formed Portland Council (#218) in that city. South Portland Council had been formed a year earlier but that council folded in 1921. In 1922 Portland Council became Cumberland County Council (#218), no doubt reflecting its growth outside of the city of Portland. Between 1922 and 1932 Cumberland County Council continued to grow, adding units in Oxford, Sagadahoc, Androscoggin, Franklin, Kennebec, Knox Lincoln,and Somerset counties. The original Pine Tree Council (#710), formed in Rockland in 1925, merged into Cumberland County Council in 1929, and in 1933 Cumberland County Council became the Pine Tree Council we know today. York County Council (#217) merged into Pine Tree Council in 1935.

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